About me

My story

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Back then: (from top left to bottom right) nurses Roxanne, Nita, Sue and Clare along with my sister, Chantelle and me at the Oxford Infirmary 1982

My mission

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My life has been saved and rebuilt by various types of healthcare since the age of twelve. My mission now is to give something back and in order to do this, I became a fitness specialist. 


For me, it’s not just a business or an opportunity to make an income. It’s a mission to help people like I was helped, it’s much more than a job, 

​In 1982 I had a brain haemorrhage leaving me in a hospital bed for ten weeks to recover to the point where my parents could care for me. My recovery was slow yet significant. With only so much assistance available to us, it fell on my willpower and determination to provide my own means to recovery.​

As I progressed through my teenage years, my battle with the disabilities that I had been left with, even after extensive rehabilitation, led me to take my recovery into my own hands.

At the age of twenty, still unsure which direction my life was going to go in, I decided that I should follow my passion in helping others get well and fit. After ten years of education, I eventually became a fitness specialist.

Helping others get well and fit is my way of giving back what society has given me. Society helped me, it gave me an operation to save my life, it gave me a certain amount of rehabilitation to get me back on my feet and now knowing the extensive therapies available, I am finding the combination that suits me.

Today I still live with challenges but I'm proud of my business, I love spending time with my family and I run a charity for people who have Superficial Siderosis, just like me.

If you're on a similar journey, have a chat with me. Let's see how we can work together to reach your goals.​

Me today. Climbing is my passion because it's where my strengths outweigh my challenges