General Data Protection Regulation, terms and conditions

This privacy policy was last updated on 28/06/21, 


Online identifiers, like cookies and IP addresses, is classed as personal data (that is, information that relates to an identified person). Steps to Wellness ( StW) does not keep such data.

The data used to study athletic and health performance (e.g. Health clearance forms or StW feedback) is regarded as a special category. Client records kept by personal trainers are likely to contain sensitive data. So the information StW holds is held for a valid reason. It is held for a specific purpose. StW will also ensure that consent is given by the owner of the data (i.e. the customer).

If a client wishes to have their data erased or removed from StW records, StW will comply with their wishes.

StW website contains terms and conditions and a privacy policy. These are in plain English so that they can be easily understood and provide a clear explanation of what data will be used for and how it will be collected.

If StW offers a freebie on our website StW can only email clients about that particular offer. StW cannot email you about something else because you did not sign up for that.

Client data will be held for one year after the client no longer requires StW services or until the client requests, it is destroyed.

Data on clients will not be shared outside of StW without Email consent from the client.

Rectification of Inaccurate or Incomplete Information


You have the right to tell StW to correct inaccurate or incomplete personal information concerning you.

Cancellation policy

This I like calling the 'fairness policy' as it works both ways,


24hrs notice must be given prior to a session cancellation by either of us, this way neither of us is put out. The options on cancellation by the service user are:

  • Option 1 – You miss out on the session, and still pay in full.

  • Option 2 – You can re-arrange, but have to do so within a 7 day period and at a time which suits both of us. 

The options on a cancellation by AtW are


  • Option 1 – We can re-arrange, but have to do so within a month and at a time which suits both of us.