"Having a genetic propensity towards obesity has been a life long battle i have endured since a small child. Whilst peoples attitudes, diet fads even medical advise may have changed dramatically over the years, what has remained the same for me has always been my constant battle of yoyo dieting , weight loss and regain. Jason has a unique approach to health and fitness that takes into account that we are all individuals, there is no such thing as a one size fits all diet and fitness plan. Since working with Jason I have learned so much about my body, how to make it work for me, he has disapproved so many dieting myths and misconceptions, and for the first time have control over the way I feel and look. Whilst i still have a long way to go, 2 stone weight loss, a reduction by 2 dress sizes and a firmer more toned body in 12 weeks (whilst eating properly so no hunger! )is proof enough I have finally found the right advice."


"Fitness training and advice was excellent. Very supportive and encouraging and made the whole process fun, but also clear and firm in helping set realistic goals and outlining strategies for keeping to them. Jason also sourced quality equipment for me at a very reasonable price. With his positive and cheerful attitude and hard earned experience as a trainer I have no hesitation in recommending him." 



"Jason has been able to help me with various fitness issues over the last few years and has always proved himself to be a valuable source of knowledge and help. Jason always exceeds my expectations and is always the person I see when I need fitness advice."


"Various health problems were affecting my Archery skills and so I called Jason to see how he could help me in improving my game. Jason wrote me an exercise routine designed to improve co ordination as well as strength and fitness. After a short time I won silver and bronze in the National Virtual Indoor Archery League for Division 9 medals and feeling well within myself."


"After having a stroke I called Jason as I wanted to get my body back and return to the Squash court. With a program of exercise to music using weights and furniture within my home I was able to get back on the squash court in weeks and was scoring well in no time!"